Prabhas Moghe

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs

Professor Prabhas V. Moghe was appointed in July 2019 as the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. In this role, he serves as the chief academic and research officer of Rutgers–New Brunswick and is responsible for guiding the academic and research enterprises of Rutgers. This includes promoting experiential learning, academic support, and research initiatives for students, and attracting, retaining, and supporting top faculty at all career stages and fostering a collaborative culture of ideation and inquiry where research can flourish.

To achieve this, the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs works closely with the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Office of Research and Economic Development, faculty members, deans, and department chairs of the academic enterprise, and faculty development across the university. The Provost reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation for the past 18 months, as well as a Distinguished Professor in the School of Engineering, Provost Moghe is extremely familiar with academic and research initiatives on our campus and has worked to cultivate collaborative networks across the university and peer institutions that will allow Rutgers to gain further ground as a premier land-grant research university. The Office of Research and Innovation will continue to be a priority for the Provost’s portfolio of projects.

Among his previous achievements, Provost Moghe conceptualized and directed the first National Science Foundation-funded IGERT program at Rutgers. This program and the sequel program have created collaborative networks across the institution and supported the Ph.D. training of more than 50 graduate students over the course of a decade, serving as a blueprint for several other Ph.D. training programs.

As Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Dr. Moghe has established a network of research deans and development directors to advance the research enterprise in a wide spectrum of areas, including the humanities and arts, social and behavioral sciences, mathematical and physical sciences, life sciences, engineering, business, social work, communications and information, education, public policy, environmental and biological sciences, among others. The Office of the Provost will continue to host the Office of Research and Innovation beyond July 2019, which will allow the research and innovation projects to continue to be supported and catalyzed while growing the interface between academics and research at a first-tier research university like Rutgers.

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