Big Ten Academic Alliance Course Sharing Program

Rutgers University–New Brunswick has joined with six other Big Ten universities to offer an online course sharing program for our students.

For the Spring 2021 semester, any student currently enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate at a participating Big Ten university can take one online course with another participating Big Ten school. This opportunity is included as part of your Big Ten academic experience with no additional cost for the credit earned.

Learn more about the Big Ten Academic Alliance Course Sharing Program.

Rutgers course instruction begins on January 19, 2021. Applications for the BTAA program will be accepted January 4 to January 22, 2021. Students must enroll by January 25, 2021. 


The following guidance is meant for non-Rutgers students from the BTAA wishing to take a qualified course at Rutgers.

As a degree-seeking undergraduate student at your home institution, you will pay no additional tuition or fees at either your home institution or at Rutgers for this course. Rutgers will be waiving tuition and the student fees associated with attendance.

In order to have the course recorded in your academic record at your home institution, you will have to request to have the credit transferred, using your home institution’s standard procedures.

You will have the responsibility to determine the applicability of the selected course to your degree program at your home institution.

You may be required to purchase books, software, or other educational materials associated with your selected course through a third party.

While participating in this program, you cannot use the online course being taken at Rutgers to establish full-time status at your home institution.

If you are interested in taking a Rutgers course, please verify your eligibility on the BTAA website.

Rutgers Course Offerings for Spring 2021


Course No.

Course Title and Syllabus

01:558:101 Global Awareness
04:567:434 Critical Issues in Sports Media
07:080:101 The Creative Process Online
07:080:431 Social Media for the Arts Online
07:206:431 Dance History: World Survey Online
07:211:250 Creating Movie Visual FX Online
07:293:134 Dance in Israel Online
07:557:201 Pain in the Assets: Finance and Entertainment
07:700:230 Music in Film Online
07:956:240 Staging Resistance: Theater Protest
37:575:100 Intro to Labor Studies & Employment
37:533:301 Intro to Human Resource Management
11:067:390 Equine Nutrition
11:400:104 Food and Health
11:709:235 Introduction to Sports Nutrition

Information for Rutgers University Students: 

To review the Big Ten courses open to Rutgers Students, please visit the Big Ten Academic Alliance website. 

The Spring semester calendar varies across the Big Ten campuses.  Be sure you are aware of a course's calendar before you register.  

Once you have completed the course, you must request a copy of your official transcript from the offering institutions to have your credits transferred back to Rutgers University.  Please send your official transcript to: 

Rutgers University
Office of the Registrar
620 George Street, Room 139
New Brunswick, NJ 08901