The Art and Science of Positive Leadership

Sharon Lydon (Associate Dean of Alumni and Corporate Engagement, Rutgers Business School)
Nancy Mark (Former Director of Health Care Compliance & Privacy, Johnson & Johnson)

Throughout history, and certainly during the history of the United States and Rutgers University, progress has been synonymous with leadership. The revolutionary understanding of leadership is that it is everywhere and in everyone’s capacity. While some may be born with a number of the attributes needed for outstanding leadership, it is well accepted, that leadership is something that can be learned and that can be studied. This seminar explores qualitative and quantitative research “on leadership,” and reviews research and theory toward the goal of empowering students to be leaders in all aspects of life, including college, career, and community. Topics include leadership in academic, corporate, and nonprofit work environments, as well as leadership styles and competencies. Relevant issues related to women and ethnic minorities will also be discussed. The course includes readings and dynamic discussion, debate, role-play scenarios, and real-world visibility and exposure to leadership with distinguished course co-instructors, and guest speakers from academic, health care sector, and corporate leadership contexts.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 24
Fall 2020
Transfer Course