Beyond the Big Bang Theory*

Alyson Brooks (Physics and Astronomy)

Ever wondered what the life of an astro/physicist is really like? It's not what you see on "The Big Bang Theory," and it rarely involves white lab coats. Real scientific research is a highly creative, interactive process that requires scientists to constantly collaborate in order to problem solve and develop new ideas (and frequently involves travel to accomplish this). Come experience it for yourself! In this seminar, students will experience the process of research firsthand. You will learn basic skills to prepare you to participate in research for the remainder of your undergraduate studies and beyond. Those skills (e.g., an introduction to scientific computing, using basic programming to plot data, how to read a scientific article) will be applied to a short, five-week research project of your choosing, led by mentors in the Physics & Astronomy Department. Students will also learn to present their research, both to a scientific and a general audience. Students will get to know each other through both casual and work interactions, including a visit to the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

*Open to RU-1st students


Course Number
01:090:101 section 05
Fall 2020
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