Dance Improvisation: Learning Tools for Choreography and Performance

Julia Ritter (Dance)

This seminar will provide students with an introductory experience of dance improvisation as a skill for developing choreography and performance. Students will explore a range of physical exercises yet no previous training in dance nor special attire is required; sweatpants and t-shirts are acceptable. Students will learn how to develop multidisciplinary approaches to dance improvisation that can be deployed when creating choreography for the stage, when organizing flash mobs, and/or devising other performance events. Building upon body, space, time, energy and relationship as the core conceptual elements of dance, students learn strategies for generating movement vocabularies from a variety of inspirational sources including sound, visual art, dramatic situations, and architectural design, among others. The seminar includes a field trip to a performance in New York City.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 48
Fall 2020
Transfer Course