Earthquake Resistant Structures

Husam Najm (Civil Engineering)
Basily Basily (Civil and Mechanical Engineering)

Are you intrigued by earthquakes? Are you curious about learning why some buildings collapse during an earthquake while others don’t? In this seminar we will learn about earthquakes and earthquake engineering, their history, their effect on buildings and bridges and on human life. We will explore the basics of structural engineering; structural materials that can best to resist earthquake shaking, and what factors contribute to a safe design of buildings in seismic zones. This seminar/project will include designing and constructing a 4-story building structure model made of balsa wood to resist ground shaking. The structure will be about 5 ft high and will be placed on a 15 in x 15 in shaker that will shake the structure simulating an earthquake. During the testing, we will record the roof acceleration of each structure and compare the performance of the structures.

Fall 2020
Transfer Course