Eat Your Words: Communication and Relationships at Mealtimes

Galina Bolden (School of Communication and Information)
Jennifer Mandelbaum (School of Communication and Information)

It is taken for granted that mealtimes are an important domain for our relationships with family members and friends, both for socializing and for social development.  What exactly happens at mealtimes though?  This Byrne seminar draws on field video recordings of families (at home) and friends (in dorms, off-campus housing, and other locations) to explore the workings of communication and relationships at mealtimes.  We will investigate the following topics: squabbles during meals, relationship implications of requesting and offering food, complimenting and complaining about food, telling stories and reminiscing, and managing (mis)behavior. You will learn techniques for analyzing everyday communication through structured in-class exercises and discussion. A short homework exercise (30 minutes) will be assigned each week to consolidate analytical skills.  Readings will be available.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 03
Fall 2020
Transfer Course