Function of Love, Work, and Knowledge in Organic Food and Farming

Joseph Heckman (Plant Biology)

Nurturing the linkage between healthy soils, plants, animals, and people was the original motivation for organic agriculture. While its modern market share and organic certification is celebrated as the result of a phenomenally successful movement, others bemoan the discontents of industrialization. As a mechanical attitude towards life infects all of culture, organic agriculture risks becoming a machine to be similarly manipulated and exploited. As an alternative, functional organic farming would emulate ecology, be self-regulated, and guided by Love, Work, and Knowledge. In this course, we will study traditional organic food and farming systems through field trips and film, the lens of modern science, selected writings of organic pioneers and trailblazers such as Albert Howard, Lord Northbourne, Weston A. Price, and others, and the bio-energetic insights of biologist and natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who famously said , "Love, work and knowledge are the wellsprings of our life. They should also govern it". It will also explore the emotional attraction of young people to organic farming, fertile soil, and nourishment with farm fresh whole ingredients.

Course Number
11:090:101 section 06
Fall 2020
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