Getting It Done: Managing Information for Better Performance

Triveni Kuchi (Rutgers Libraries)

With emerging information and communication technologies, the plethora of information constantly generated is overwhelming. Such an information environment directly affects the way you discover, keep, use, or re-use information for your research. How do you manage your bazillion files? What organizing schemes or strategies for managing information are out there? What works, what doesn’t, and why? This course will focus on understanding what information management entails; and how it requires an active, deliberative selection among alternatives, and a critical and habitual pursuit of analyzing and re-categorizing information. Through readings, class discussions, hands-on labs, and guest speakers, students will reflect, analyze, compare and use information organizing schemes or tools for managing a variety of different types of information. Final presentations will allow each student to creatively explore particular information management tools that are used at either the organizational or the individual level in more detail.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 51
Fall 2020
Transfer Course