Global Islamophobia in an Era of Populism

Sahar Aziz (Rutgers Law School; Director, Center of Security, Race and Rights)

Western nations are experiencing a wave of populism eroding the liberal values these nations boast as setting them apart from illiberal regimes in the Global South and East.  Animated by a sense of victimhood, an increasing number of citizens from majority groups are attracted to populist rhetoric by right wing ideologues who condemn immigrants, Muslims, and racial minorities as threats to liberal democracy.  The stronger the populists become, however, the more the very system they purport to protect is destabilized.   As xenophobia and Islamophobia is normalized in mainstream U.S. media and among right wing politicians, the chorus of populism demands building walls, banning Muslims, ending affirmative action, and restricting religious freedom. In this seminar, students will learn to think critically about the social, economic, political, and legal factors that contribute toward prejudice and discrimination against Muslims and Arabs in the United States and Europe in an era of rising populism.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 01
Fall 2020
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