Governors 2020: The Most Overlooked Powerful People in Politics

Kristoffer Shields (Eagleton Institute of Politics)

In 2020, 11 states will hold gubernatorial elections, contests nearly as crucial to our nation’s future as the more “popular” one taking place at the federal level. In this seminar, we will study and track these gubernatorial elections, answering a number of key questions about the races and the office in general: Which races are the most closely contested (and why)? What national trends can we find across multiple state races? How are the races relevant to the presidential election? What is the governor’s role in the upcoming census and redistricting process, and why is that process so crucial? How can students and other young people be involved?  In the process of analyzing the races, we will also discuss the often overlooked importance of the governor to our democracy, both as the state’s chief executive and as one of a state’s key representatives in our federal system. We will get help and expert analysis along the way from people who have “been there:” former gubernatorial candidates, staff members, campaign professionals, and a former governor or two.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 30
Fall 2020
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