The History, Architecture, and Historic Preservation of New Brunswick and Rutgers University

David Listokin (Bloustein School Of Planning and Public Policy)
James W. Hughes (Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy)

New Brunswick and Rutgers is your community for the next four years—so it is important that you know more about both the “town” and “gown.” This seminar first presents the long and proud history of both New Brunswick and Rutgers University. Next it overviews American architectural history and its historic, social, cultural and economic influences. Following that background, the important buildings (current and past) and their architecture in both New Brunswick and Rutgers are presented and how  their physical setting has changed  are reviewed. This sets the stage for a broader discussion of historic preservation in the United States as well in the New Brunswick and Rutgers settings. The seminar includes extensive historical and visual materials as well as an architectural walking tour field trip to architecturally and historically significant New Brunswick and Rutgers buildings. This seminar will broaden the historical and architectural context of New Brunswick and Rutgers—students’ new home away from home—and will present important foundational concepts in the disciplines of history, architecture, urban planning, and public and educational policy. It will also briefly instruct students in developing and presenting an effective Power Point presentation. The two seminar instructors combine more than 100 years’ experience of teaching and research at Rutgers.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 23
Fall 2020
Transfer Course