Paperbotics and Art

Aaron Mazzeo (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Pulp-based paper has conveyed information with printed lettering, diagrams, and illustrations for hundreds of years. In these conventional formats, the flipping or turning of pages has required human manipulation. Recent research efforts are beginning to add life and active functionality to paper-based structures in the form of mechanical grippers, manipulators, and locomotors. In this hands-on seminar, students will review state-of-the-art research in paper-based robotics (i.e., paperbotics) and active origami, and then exercise creativity to build paper-based machines that will be capable of motion and interaction with humans. By also planning the aesthetics of their projects, participants in this seminar will go beyond building gadgets to craft functional pieces of art.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 25
Fall 2020
Transfer Course