The Politics of Identity and the Common Good: To the Left, to the Right?

Jeffrey Longhofer (School of Social Work)

This Byrne seminar will focus on the politics of identity and different kinds of claims for social justice.  Some, for example, argue for redistribution of resources and others for recognition of cultural difference.  Many have argued that these kinds of claims lead to polarization (e.g., choosing between class politics and identity politics).   The seminar will consider how the problem of “identity” emerges with modernity.   We will explore the meanings of and problems associated with personal and group identities.  We will consider the ways that finding oneself in a universe of potential identities is simultaneously challenging and problematic.  Finally, we will consider how a politics of identity competes with, supports, or undermines a politics of the common good.

Course Number
01:090:101 section 22
Fall 2020
Transfer Course