Selfies and Digital Culture*

Mary Chayko (School of Communication and Information)

“Selfies,” or photographs that an individual (or a group) takes of themselves that can be privately held, transferred to others, or displayed via social networks, are becoming a popular and culturally significant way that knowledge is produced and shared in modern digital cultures. In this seminar, we focus on three questions drawn from the instructor’s research and that of others who study selfies and digital culture: How do selfies “speak” as cultural objects, and how do they compare to other forms of communication and art? How is knowledge produced and shared in the process of communicating via selfies? How are power differentials expressed and experienced as selfies are taken, shared, and given meaning in a digital culture? The seminar includes two visits to the Zimmerli Art Museum.

*This section is available to Honors College Students only

Course Number
01:090:101 section 06
Fall 2020
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