Stem Cells and Bioengineering

Li Cai (Biomedical Engineering)

Bioengineering and regenerative medicine seek to develop new therapies for patients with injuries and degenerative diseases. The source of cells for these therapies remains a hot topic of interest. The unlimited potential of stem cells has ignited the creativity and imagination of scientists across multiple disciplines. Future development of this technology depends on increased understanding and effective utilization of stem cells. This seminar will introduce students to the biological, biomedical, biomaterial, and bioengineering of this new discipline. Students will be introduced to the world of stem cells. We will discuss their definition, origin, and classification, as well as applications of these cells in regenerative medicine. Upon completion of this seminar, students will know the intellectual and conceptual vocabulary required to further pursue an interest in stem cell research and the regenerative medical profession.

Fall 2020
Transfer Course