"You Don't Eat Meat?!" A Cultural Investigation of Meat Consumption

Rachael Shwom (Human Ecology)
Cara Cuite (Human Ecology)

In this seminar we will explore the question: If eating meat is cruel to animals, bad for your health and bad for the environment - why do we continue to do it?  Student will read writings by ethicists, environmental scientists, historians, anthropologists and others to explore the roots of and implications of meat eating in the US and other societies.  Students will write short paragraph reflections on these readings to relate them to their own experiences and knowledge and come to class to discuss these readings. They will use an on-line app developed by the instructors research team to understand the environmental implications of their diet and meat eating.  They will have a speaker from Rutgers dining services to learn about what Rutgers is doing to reduce meat consumption, visit a Halal market, go have a vegan lunch, and watch the documentary Cowspiracy.   For the final couple of weeks, we will work together as a class to develop ideas about how we may reduce meat consumption in American diets.

Course Number
11:090:101 section 04
Fall 2020
Transfer Course