Awards & Honors

Faculty who are recognized for their outstanding work elevate the level of our teaching, research, and service. View our recent and previous awardees and honorees, and our current members of the National Academies.

Chancellor's and Provost's Awards for Faculty Excellence

We are excited to announce a new series of awards that will recognize and highlight the excellence of our outstanding Rutgers–New Brunswick faculty.

Chancellor's Excellence Awards

The Rutgers–New Brunswick Chancellor's Excellence Award is presented to faculty members whose outstanding work has been recognized by their peers.

Selected Faculty Honors

Rutgers–New Brunswick faculty members who have earned significant distinction for their outstanding work in teaching, research, and service.

Members of the National Academies

Rutgers–New Brunswick faculty who are currently members of the National Academies.

Nominate Faculty for Recognition

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs coordinates many annual faculty awards. View the schedules for details and applications dates for: