Faculty Development

Here are resources for faculty growth and development.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is pleased to offer three signature cohort programs to support faculty development.

The office also offers writing support, common interest groups, and individual mentoring that are open to all faculty universitywide.

The Center for Organizational Leadership offers a suite of collaborative leadership education initiatives for aspiring and current leaders at Rutgers. These programs seek to improve the leadership capacity of academic leaders and administrative leaders and to build a culture of leadership development across the institution.

The Big Ten Academic Alliance is the academic arm of the Big Ten Conference. As a member, Rutgers–New Brunswick can take advantage of opportunities for students, faculty, collaborations, and the sharing of resources. Two leadership training programs are offered by the BTAA every year. Academic Units at Rutgers-New Brunswick may nominate participants for these programs annually.

Higher Education Resources Services provides leadership training for women. The HERS Institute is a transformational experience, designed to strengthen and elevate women holding mid-to-senior level positions in higher education. Participants are asked to share their vision of leadership and what they hope to contribute to their respective institutions, and are challenged to actualize this professional vision for themselves. Academic Units at Rutgers-New Brunswick may nominate participants for this program each year.

The Rutgers Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research runs workshops and supports teaching and learning through a variety of areas: pedagogy and faculty development, assessment programs, instructional technologies, classroom technologies, and faculty and staff information technologies.

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