Distinguished Fellowships


What is a Fellowship?

A fellowship is an award that provides funding for students and alumni to support study abroad, graduate study, teaching, or internship experiences. The term "fellowship" is interchangeable with "scholarship" or "grant." In some instances—Udall and Goldwater, to be exact—a fellowship will help pay for your undergraduate education here at Rutgers as well.

Finding Available Fellowships

In addition to well-known fellowships, like the Fulbright Student Program, there are hundreds of other fellowships available to students from all class years, including graduate students and alumni. Use our fellowship selector tool to discover which fellowships are the right fit for you.

Some fellowships require a Rutgers nomination or endorsement meaning you must apply through our office first. There are also many fellowships that allow you to apply on your own, however, we still encourage all interested students to meet with our experts for support and advice throughout the application process.

What Our Office Does

The Office of Distinguished Fellowships offers assistance to students and recent graduates in all stages of the application process for major national fellowships. Our office provides information on available programs, strategic planning, advice, and support for completing a competitive application. Students interested in applying for fellowships are encouraged to make an appointment with the Director of Distinguished Fellowships, Dr. Arthur Casciato.

View past recipients.

Make an Appointment

For general inquiries and advising, contact Dr. Arthur Casciato by email at arthurc@rutgers.edu or by phone at 848-932-7231. You can also visit us at Bishop House, Room 201 located on the College Avenue Campus.

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