What is IDEA?

The Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) is a new initiative through the Office of the Chancellor and Provost at Rutgers–New Brunswick that aims to provide students with a connected ecosystem for experiencing and exploring the many opportunities for entrepreneurship at Rutgers. Intended to complement any major of study, IDEA will provide students with a range of opportunities to explore your interests and abilities while developing the critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills that will help you design your own career.

Who can participate in IDEA?

We are currently recruiting students from the incoming fall class (class of 2024) from SAS, SOE, SEBS, and RBS. Students will also be able to self-select and apply through the “Connect with Us” button on the webpage.

What do I have to major in to participate in IDEA?

IDEA is designed to complement any major or course of study.

I don’t know what I want to study? How does participating in IDEA help me?

One of the goals of IDEA is to help students discover their own skills and interests and help them to identify the problems they are interested in solving. This will be achieved through research-based problem exploration, self-reflection, and academic and career coaching.

What are the added credit requirements for IDEA?

The IDEA experience does not significantly add to a student’s credit load. Instead it is designed as a foundational experience that works in close partnership with the many opportunities already available at Rutgers–New Brunswick. In the first year, the curricular experience is in the form of a 1-credit Innovation and Design Byrne Seminar. The other activities are designed to take place outside of the classroom in the form of workshops, events, and paid summer research and internship opportunities.

I have an idea for my own venture. Will IDEA help me get started?

Absolutely! Thorough our Entrepreneur in Residence, campus partners (including the Innovation Lab with the Honors College, the Rutgers Corporate Engagement Center, Rutgers Business School) and our vast and engaged Alumni network, we will help you unleash your creative potential, secure resources, learn and apply business concepts, and develop and execute business strategies.

I am planning a career in medicine. How will IDEA help me reach my goals?

Entrepreneurial skills are highly desired in the workforce, whether or not you plan to launch your own venture. Having an entrepreneurial mindset means utilizing your creativity, experience, and skills to work with others to solve problems and create new ideas. These are the same skills that you will learn in medical school, and IDEA gives you a great head start.

Where will the IDEA activities take place?

IDEA headquarters will be in “The Hatchery,” a centrally located design and ideation studio in The Archibald S. Alexander Library on College Avenue Campus. Students will also have access to the network of maker-spaces on campus as well as the vast array of innovation and entrepreneurship programs and activities that already take place on campus.

Does IDEA come with a scholarship?

An invitation to IDEA does not currently come with a scholarship.

What are some of the benefits of participating in IDEA?

Benefits of being an IDEA Fellow include: experiential learning opportunities involving real-world problems, paid research and internships, early exposure to faculty researchers, alumni entrepreneurs, and employers, dedicated academic counseling and personalized career design.