Law School Application Tips

The following are helpful general tips about law school applications:

  • Law school admission is on a rolling basis. Applying early may increase your chances of being admitted and, regardless of the decision, early application may lead to early notification.
  • Your application should be typed and error-free. Remember to proofread carefully.
  • Follow the specific instructions for each law school application, making sure to adhere closely to guidelines.
  • Respond to each question completely, clearly and concisely.
  • Make sure you have signed the application in all the appropriate places.
  • Pay careful attention to all deadlines. You are responsible for ensuring that all your law school application materials are sent on time. Do not assume that you will be contacted if an item in your law school application is missing.
  • If you want to have proof of mailing, you may consider sending important mail (such as the application and seat deposit after acceptance) by certified mail return receipt requested.