Learning Environments

The Office of the Provost is committed to innovation in undergraduate education both in and beyond the classroom. Our office creates physical spaces and programs to support leading-edge trends in teaching and learning. Campus learning centers, study spaces, and virtual environments help meet the needs of diverse learners, support course work, and bring students together in formal and informal groups for support, and to create and share new ideas, while co-curricular opportunities such as internships and undergraduate research with faculty help students to enrich their coursework and prepare for the future.

Learn about high-impact educational opportunities:

  • Aresty Research Center: We strive to foster a learning environment where students can increase their curiosity and participation in the process of research. Bring your coursework to life by participating in undergraduate research with faculty outside of the classroom.
  • First-year Interest Group Seminars: We bring first-year students with shared interests together to learn from successful upper-class students and to explore topical area interests and opportunities available at Rutgers. 
  • Learning Centers: We are more than just a place to study. Our peer tutoring, academic coaching, writing assistance, and study group facilitation services create learning environments aimed to support student learning and to provide enrichment opportunities for students seeking to enhance their academic careers.
  • Career Exploration and Success: We offer internship opportunities that allow students to make meaning of their coursework in a professional learning environment. Students gain professional experience while building skills that will make them competitive for future employment and graduate school opportunities.